Source code for RsAreg800.Implementations.Status.Queue

from ...Internal.Core import Core
from ...Internal.CommandsGroup import CommandsGroup
from ...Internal.Utilities import trim_str_response

# noinspection PyPep8Naming,PyAttributeOutsideInit,SpellCheckingInspection
[docs] class QueueCls: """Queue commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands""" def __init__(self, core: Core, parent): self._core = core self._cmd_group = CommandsGroup("queue", core, parent)
[docs] def get_next(self) -> str: """SCPI: STATus:QUEue:[NEXT] \n Snippet: value: str = driver.status.queue.get_next() \n Queries the oldest entry in the error queue and then deletes it. Positive error numbers denote device-specific errors, and negative error numbers denote error messages defined by SCPI. If the error queue is empty, 0 ('No error') is returned. The command is identical to SYSTem:ERRor[:NEXT]?. \n :return: next_py: string """ response ='STATus:QUEue:NEXT?') return trim_str_response(response)