RsAreg800 Events

Check the usage in the Getting Started chapter here.

class Events[source]

Common Events class. Event-related methods and properties. Here you can set all the event handlers.

property before_query_handler: Callable

Returns the handler of before_query events.


current before_query_handler

property before_write_handler: Callable

Returns the handler of before_write events.


current before_write_handler

property io_events_include_data: bool

Returns the current state of the io_events_include_data See the setter for more details.

property on_read_handler: Callable

Returns the handler of on_read events.


current on_read_handler

property on_write_handler: Callable

Returns the handler of on_write events.


current on_write_handler

sync_from(source: Events) None[source]

Synchronises these Events with the source.