Source code for RsAreg800.Implementations.Source.AreGenerator.Frontend.Fe.Status

from ......Internal.Core import Core
from ......Internal.CommandsGroup import CommandsGroup
from ......Internal import Conversions
from ...... import enums
from ...... import repcap

# noinspection PyPep8Naming,PyAttributeOutsideInit,SpellCheckingInspection
[docs] class StatusCls: """Status commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands""" def __init__(self, core: Core, parent): self._core = core self._cmd_group = CommandsGroup("status", core, parent) # noinspection PyTypeChecker
[docs] def get(self, channel=repcap.Channel.Default) -> enums.AregFeQatConnMode: """SCPI: [SOURce<HW>]:AREGenerator:FRONtend:FE<CH>:STATus \n Snippet: value: enums.AregFeQatConnMode = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.fe.status.get(channel = repcap.Channel.Default) \n Queries the connection status of the connected QAT-type or FE-type frontend. \n :param channel: optional repeated capability selector. Default value: Nr1 (settable in the interface 'Fe') :return: areg_fe_qat_status: DISConnected| DIALing| CONNected| CERRor| UPDate| UERRor DISConnected Frontend is disconnected. DIALing Tries to establish a frontend connection. CONNected Valid frontend connection is established. CERRor Network connection error. UPDate Update of the network connection is in progress. UERRor Update of the network connection failed.""" channel_cmd_val = self._cmd_group.get_repcap_cmd_value(channel, repcap.Channel) response ='SOURce<HwInstance>:AREGenerator:FRONtend:FE{channel_cmd_val}:STATus?') return Conversions.str_to_scalar_enum(response, enums.AregFeQatConnMode)