Source code for RsAreg800.Implementations.Memory

from typing import List

from ..Internal.Core import Core
from ..Internal.CommandsGroup import CommandsGroup
from ..Internal.Types import DataType
from ..Internal.StructBase import StructBase
from ..Internal.ArgStruct import ArgStruct

# noinspection PyPep8Naming,PyAttributeOutsideInit,SpellCheckingInspection
[docs] class MemoryCls: """Memory commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands""" def __init__(self, core: Core, parent): self._core = core self._cmd_group = CommandsGroup("memory", core, parent) # noinspection PyTypeChecker
[docs] class HfreeStruct(StructBase): # From ReadStructDefinition CmdPropertyTemplate.xml """Structure for reading output parameters. Fields: \n - Total_Phys_Mem_Kb: List[int]: integer Total physical memory. - Applic_Mem_Kb: int: integer Application memory. - Heap_Used_Kb: int: integer Used heap memory. - Heap_Available_Kb: int: integer Available heap memory.""" __meta_args_list = [ ArgStruct('Total_Phys_Mem_Kb', DataType.IntegerList, None, False, True, 1), ArgStruct.scalar_int('Applic_Mem_Kb'), ArgStruct.scalar_int('Heap_Used_Kb'), ArgStruct.scalar_int('Heap_Available_Kb')] def __init__(self): StructBase.__init__(self, self) self.Total_Phys_Mem_Kb: List[int] = None self.Applic_Mem_Kb: int = None self.Heap_Used_Kb: int = None self.Heap_Available_Kb: int = None
[docs] def get_hfree(self) -> HfreeStruct: """SCPI: MEMory:HFRee \n Snippet: value: HfreeStruct = driver.memory.get_hfree() \n Returns the used and available memory in Kb. \n :return: structure: for return value, see the help for HfreeStruct structure arguments. """ return'MEMory:HFRee?', self.__class__.HfreeStruct())