SCPI Command :

class PowerCls[source]

Power commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands

get_indicator() AregRadarPowIndicator[source]
# SCPI: [SOURce<HW>]:AREGenerator:RADar:POWer:INDicator
value: enums.AregRadarPowIndicator = driver.source.areGenerator.radar.power.get_indicator()

The radar power indicator is a summary indicator for all radar object powers.


pow_indicator: OFF| GOOD| WEAK| BAD OFF No or very weak RX power is detected. GOOD The RX power is in linear range. WEAK The RX power is strong, non-linear effects can occur. BAD The RX power is in a range, where the receiver is in saturation.