SCPI Command :

class EirpCls[source]

Eirp commands group definition. 3 total commands, 2 Subgroups, 1 group commands

get(trxFrontent=TrxFrontent.Default) float[source]
# SCPI: [SOURce<HW>]:AREGenerator:FRONtend:TRX<CH>:EIRP
value: float = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.trx.eirp.get(trxFrontent = repcap.TrxFrontent.Default)

Queries the calculated Effective Isotropic Radiated Power of the power sensor connected to the TRX-type frontend.

param trxFrontent:

optional repeated capability selector. Default value: Nr1 (settable in the interface ‘Trx’)


areg_radar_eirp: float Range: -150 to 150

Cloning the Group

# Create a clone of the original group, that exists independently
group2 = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.trx.eirp.clone()