RepCap Settings

# Range: Nr0 .. Nr63
rc = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.last.fe.repcap_channelNull_get()

SCPI Command :

class FeCls[source]

Fe commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands Repeated Capability: ChannelNull, default value after init: ChannelNull.Nr0

get(channelNull=ChannelNull.Default) int[source]
# SCPI: [SOURce<HW>]:AREGenerator:FRONtend:LAST:FE<CH0>
value: int = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.last.fe.get(channelNull = repcap.ChannelNull.Default)

Queries the last added QAT-type, FE-type or custom frontend. Displays the number included in the frontend ID, e.g. ‘3’ for QAT-type frontend ID ‘Q3’.

param channelNull:

optional repeated capability selector. Default value: Nr0 (settable in the interface ‘Fe’)


areg_fe_last_add_qa: integer Range: 0 to 8

Cloning the Group

# Create a clone of the original group, that exists independently
group2 = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.last.fe.clone()