SCPI Command :

class CustomCls[source]

Custom commands group definition. 10 total commands, 5 Subgroups, 1 group commands

export_file(export_filename: str, channel=Channel.Default) None[source]
# SCPI: [SOURce<HW>]:AREGenerator:FRONtend:FE<CH>:ANTenna:CUSTom:EXPort
driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.fe.antenna.custom.export_file(export_filename = 'abc', channel = repcap.Channel.Default)

Exports the defined frequency table to an external list file with file extension *.txt in a directory.

param export_filename:


param channel:

optional repeated capability selector. Default value: Nr1 (settable in the interface ‘Fe’)

Cloning the Group

# Create a clone of the original group, that exists independently
group2 = driver.source.areGenerator.frontend.fe.antenna.custom.clone()