SCPI Command :

class ZeroCls[source]

Zero commands group definition. 1 total commands, 0 Subgroups, 1 group commands

set(channel=Channel.Default) None[source]
# SCPI: SENSe<CH>:[POWer]:ZERO = repcap.Channel.Default)

Performs zeroing of the sensor. Zeroing is required after warm-up, i.e. after connecting the sensor. Note: Switch off or disconnect the RF power source from the sensor before zeroing.

INTRO_CMD_HELP: We recommend that you zero in regular intervals (at least once a day) , if:

  • The temperature has varied more than about 5 Deg.

  • The sensor has been replaced.

  • You want to measure very low power.

param channel:

optional repeated capability selector. Default value: Nr1 (settable in the interface ‘Sense’)

set_with_opc(channel=Channel.Default, opc_timeout_ms: int = -1) None[source]